KL101 – Security

You usually need access card to enter places in KL. That’s how they manage the security of the building/apartment.

In my case, I usually hang 3 card on my lanyard. One is for my house, two is for work.

I live in an apartment. Everyone live there has a card his own. This card is used for entering the guardhouse, using lift and parking vehicle. That means without the card, you cannot enter to the apartment zone, so how can you invite friends to your place? Officially, they need to register at the guardhouse as a visitor by send them a hardcopy of their identity card/passport or just leave their name and IC/PP number (it’s up to apartment rule). Then they will receive a visitor card, which can access the apartment once. Or, the owner can comes to the guardhouse and use his/her card for the guest. And when using the lift, the access card just can access to your living floor. You cannot go to another floor unless using the stairs or the owner pick up you at the Ground floor.

For the first time, it’s quite complex with me, and somehow inconvience when you invite friends to come. But it’s easily to get used to, and it makes me feel safe when everything is protected.

And there’s a gym in my apartment, it’s need access card to enter, too.

In work, there is more secure than home. To enter to lifts of the building, you also need access card – that’s my second card. And same as the apartment, all visitors need to register at the receiption without any exceptions. You cannot use your card to enter a lot of time like at home, one entrance-one exit. And visitor card is just valid for one time.

After reaching the floor, company’s access card is required to enter the office. Usually, it’s also your company name card which has your photo and name.

In my company, every room has a check-in machine which you have to use your card to tap it to access. Sometime, it’s make me feel lazy to go to the restroom :))))

So, for security in work and in home, I have 3 access cards which hanging on my neck. And there are other cards in my wallet for other uses. I feel like living in a card work where you just need cards in your pocket and can do anything, from transporting, accessing placing, to buying things online and offline. It’s more convenient, portable and safe.

this is my drawing on the back of the cards, to make it more interesting when looking at it. after reading my post, I think you can guess the function of each card, hehe.

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