KL101 – Indian meal

There is an Indian restaurant near my place, on the way I usually walk from home to work. I often buy teh tarik here and I love their friendly staffs.

Today is on weekends, so I decided to go out and try Indian food instead of cooking. When buying teh tarik, I have noticed a special Indian food named Roti, so I choose it this time. I came to the restaurant, the staffs recognized me, smiling at me and ask “teh tarik?”. I laughed and said “no, roti!” to stress that I made a different choice this time, and continued “and teh tarik”, ha ha.

This is what they served me, very simple huh. Because of my starving, I ate it very quickly and so surprised that I can eat it. A month ago I could not eat any Malay nor Indian food.

But I was still hungry after finish the Roti. So I decided to try another food. I remembered that they had another kind of bread, it’s circle, white, but not Roti. I didn’t know it’s name, so I describe it with an Indian man. He could speak basic English and I could not speak Indian :)))) so we tried very hard to figure out the food I want. He shown me the menu, but in the menu, didn’t have the picture of my food I’ve mentioned. I pointed at the big pan, tried to said that I’ve already seen he made it here, it’s circle, but not Roti. Finally the man figure out the word “Tosai”, I searched it on Google and confirmed that yes it is! So happy of us :))))

This is Tosai, a kind of crepe, used with 3 sauces on the plate. The middle sauce is like the one eat with Roti. I have no idea what inside the sauces, it’s strange for me and it’s all sour.

I used my right hand to eat – like other Muslim. I found it’s quite difficult to eat like that, with just a hand. I think Muslim is so skilful with his hand when always eating like that.

The Indian man gave me some snacks which is so kind of him.

Anyway, I cannot finish all the food because I was too full. I left 1/3 of the Tosai.

When asking to check the bill, I was so surprise when the lady answer me 4RM. I though there was a mistake so I confirmed again. She gave me a detailed answer: Tosai 2RM, Roti 1RM, Teh tarik 1.2RM, total is 4RM, 0.2RM is free. I smiled with a surprised and happy face, giving her 4RM, didn’t for forget to say “Thank you”.

Visiting this Indian restaurant always make me feel happy with their friendly and kindness. And good food, too.

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