KL101 – First week running

I decided to start my running plan this week.

Physical health always is my problem. I used to practice martial arts, yoga and it’s very difficult to keep it in to habit. I am a corporated outdoor education trainer in an organization. I love this job because I have a chance to go to Ninh Thuan province and enjoy a lot of natural and beautiful places together which makes me feel relax and connected; moreover I have a chance to inspiring and unleashing students’s love of Vietnamese landscape, raising awareness for them of protecting the environment and guiding them to earn their own lession after their real experiences. It’s also a chance to me to meet and work with my dear friends, too. The training courses occur in every summer. So in this year, to improve my training performance, physical health improvement is the first and foremost objective.

Honestly running is not my favourite. It’s hot and need a lot of persistence, endurance – it’s my weakness. I could run very fast, but I couldn’t run in long distance. Because my course has a lot of walking and hiking activities, running is the most suitable excersise.

I have some colleages, friends have interested in running, they attent a lot of running events, so I get advise from them. A colleage plan me a training plan for 12 weeks (from now to the first course in summer). According to the plan, I have to run 3 times a week, the distance starts form 3km to 10km in the last training week – my ultimated vision of training. A little stressed and shocked when receiving his training plan, anyway I still decided to try as hard as I can.

On Monday, I started my first run. I did quite well even though the hot weather and the steep terrain of road! My first record is 3.4km arround my home. I was very proud of that and I felt very energizing after running. But then, in the same day, my muscles were injured, I felt the pain at my butt, my thighs, my caft, my back and I felt tired, I wanted to sleep, but I had to work till 1am. It’s still happened on Tuesday, so terrible when walking and I had to using Grab instead of walking to work.

On Wednesday, after breakfast 30 minutes, I warm-up my muscles – which is still hurt but better than the day before. Then, I ran. Magically my muscles had stop hurting when I ran. My second record is 3km, and my body got better!

Then on Saturday, I decided to run longer than the first 2 runs because of weekends. I ran to my working area and explored it. I wore a bluetooth earphone so that I can listen to music and sing when I’m running. Running a lot is so boring with me, I always want to get back home soon because of the boreness, so listening to music is one of my solutions. It’s worked anyway. And my last record of the first week is 4.4km. After relaxing and shopping, I walk 1.5km to home instead of my plan is going by grab.

After a week of running, I feel great! I have more confident in myself 😀 Because I had put a lot of effort to run and overcome the obstacles to achieve my own goal. And I believe that my physical health is on the progress of improvement.

Hope that I have enough endurance, patience and persistance to maintain this running every week like this first week!

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