KL101 – kaya toast

kaya toast is one of the traditional breakfast in Malaysia and Singapore, actually Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. i saw a lot of place selling kaya toast in Singapore but it’s more difficult to find it in Malaysia. due to my first impression of the delicious of this dish in Singapore, i decided to try it in Malaysia.

i found this restaurant when walking to the bus station, it’s quite crowded and seem traditional, and i saw the picture of kaya toast there. with excited, i planed to come and try it.

a breakfast combo includes: (1) kaya butter toast (2) 2 half-boiled eggs (3) coffee or tea.

when eating, you put a little dark soyce sauce and salt and pepper into the eggs, then eat it with the toast. the taste is very special. in Singapore, it has more kind of breads to use with, and it not as sweet as this butter toast. finish by a cup of hot coffee or tea can make you feel full enough and ready for an exciting day!

it’s take me 7RM for this breakfast.

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