KL101 – Ali, Muthu & Ah Hak

“Ali, Muthu & Ah Hak” is a restaurant’s name near my workplace. I guess it based on the combination of 3 owners.

The first time I go here is with my training class, Michelle – our teacher guide us here because of the diveristy of food and appropriate price. I seldom go here for lunch/dinner because I usually cook it myself. So, today is an exception!

I come here alone today, because my friends bring their own food. Going alone give me the chance to see this place more details. Last times, we just came, chit chat and ate then moved quickly. This time I realise that this restaurant has an old design – alike traditional Vietnamese house design. There is outdoor space and indoor space, I choose indoor this time.

In Malaysia’s restaurants, they always have order paper and a pencil on table, so that guests can take their time to choose and note their own food and restaurant’s staff don’t have to waste time for waiting. When you have finished chosing, staff will come and confirm your order. Very efficient!

This time I choose ‘nasi goreng Ali’ – means fried rice Ali, I think it’s restaurant’s signature.

It’s rice, some vegatables, egg, prawn and chicken being fried together. It’s OK, a little salty with my tast. I cannot finish the whole dish as its big size.

The is no music in the restaurant. I practice eating slowly and enjoy the food. It makes me feel relax and chill and grateful with the moment, the food.

After have a short break, I make the payment and walk back to my workplace. On the way back, I buy me some matcha ice cream for a chill dinner alone :”>

Thank Jesus for a great dinner and joyful moments together!

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